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About Flâneuse Wines

We need new ways of making and appreciating wine. We need ecologically conscious, sustainable production methods. We need unique wines that take their character from the local nature and the makers. That is why we need to support small scale natural and organic wine makers and the unique wines they make. Just like craft beers are the future of beer, we work to make natural wines the future of wine.

Flâneuse Wines is a small family company based in Helsinki, Finland and Limassol, Cyprus. We concentrate in natural and organic wines made with artisan methods by ecologically dedicated winemakers in Europe. We work with winemakers that are improving ecosystems around their farms, culture in their villages and building dignified working practices to produce wines with unique characters. We bring these wines to Finland and Cyprus, organise tastings and presentations to build awareness of these wines and the cultures behind them.

Our wine shop and bar for tasting in Cyprus is located in the same space with the Kammari Limassol cultural space and theatre, which combines art and wine ( It can be found in Achilleos 21, Agios Ioannis, Limassol (ramp down to basement)

More in-depth information of our available wines and their makers is available in our Wine list. For more information about why is it important for us that the wines are natural, please go to: Why natural wines?

News about the natural wine culture in general on the front page on the left column and new available wines in the front page right column.


How do I know that a wine is made according to the standards that we claim to follow?
Most of our wines have general organic EU certification. When you don’t know the winemaker, this is usually the only way to know anything about the making process, including the chemicals used in the production. However, our approach is different. For us, the best way to find out how it was made and what is the culture behind the wine, is to become friends with the winemakers. That is what we aim for. We bring in-depth information about each winemaker and their methods and a personal guarantee of their authenticity.

To order the wines, please contact us by email: info (at)


Flâneuse Natural Wines