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NOÛS Nero d’Avola


Alcohol: 15,5%
Variety: Nero d’Avola 100%
Harvest method: manual
Amount of sulphites: 22 mg/l
Area of origin: Erice, area of Tangi, Regalbesi district. Clayish soils located in a hill area.
The wine making process: The de-stemmed and pressed grapes are placed in small steel tanks, where they ferment under controlled temperature. Several pumping and delestage are done daily. “Refitting“ daily to the sun to oxygenate them in the absence of dioxide sulfur. After 7-8 days of maceration, the wine completes alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 25 to 30 days at controlled temperature. After the fermentation, the must is separated from the skins. Pneumatic pressing is used. No clarifying is used. The wine is mildly filtered for bottling to maintain the quality of wine.
Features: Very concentrated, ripe fruits, almost dried on the plant, but also aromatic spices like thyme and oregano, jam flavor and taste, soft tannins.
Available in: 1 litre and 0,75l bottles fill up, available only from our wine bar.
Prices (including VAT):
1 litre bottle – 8,00 Euros
0,75 litre bottle –  6,00 Euros



The NOÛS brand of the Cooperative Vino Nuovo is born thanks to the union of winemakers Paolo Venza and Alessandro, both with strong vine growing heritage. One is originally from the Soave area, but both work now in Sicily. The vineyards are planted on typical and naturally clayish soils, with a medium texture.

The Cooperative Vino Nuovo is born with the aim of enhancing the vineyards managed with avant-garde natural techniques that are also inspired by quantum physics and promoted by oenologist Alessandro Filippi and his collaborators of the company Vini di Luce.

Paolo explains the history: “After many years of experience in adopting these techniques in Veneto first and then in Sicily, we started this new company to enhance some grape varieties of Soave, Valpolicella and Sicily areas.”

The purpose of the cooperative is to produce wines (but not only wines) of high natural and qualitative value, which are an expression of the features of various areas of Italy, creating a synergy in terms of technical production and commerce based on the new sustainable ecology and economy. The members of the cooperative are farmers, winemakers, specialised technical personnel, researchers in the field of natural farming sector and of new techniques inspired by bioenergetics and quantum physics.

“What we promote is not only wine, but also a productive economic system that can restore and clean up the agricultural environment, popularising healthy and environmentally sustainable methods and products.”, says Paolo.

The cooperative also deals with:
1) Research of natural farming techniques able to clean up and rehabilitate the environment.
2) Production and trade of agricultural products derived from shareholders.
3) Technical assistance to companies who want to pursue this path.
4) New concepts of economics based on real cooperation, equitable income distribution and interchange of goods and services.

More information on the website of the cooperative (in Italian):