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Ottanta Cinque, Perlage, Italy


Alcohol: 10,5%
Variety: blend
Harvest method: manual
Amount of sulphites: 70 mg/l
Area of origin: Veneto region, Italy
Soil type: clayey and calcareous
Vineyard age: 6 – 15 years
Harvest period: the last two weeks of September
The wine making process: in white, using Charmat method. The wine undergoes secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks.
Features: an organic sparkling wine, with elegant fruit flavours and a balanced, savory, long and persistent taste
Flavours: exotic fruits (mango, papaya, pineapple) with notes of white flowers
Sugar: 10 g/l
Serving temperature:
Food pairing: perfect as aperitif, it goes well also with light dishes or with fish
Available in: 0,75 litre bottles, six bottles per box
Price: 0,75 litre bottle (7,14 Euros + VAT 19% = 8,50 Euros)



The story of Perlage was born in 1985, when the seven Nardi brothers, encouraged by their father Tiziano and mother Afra, decided to embark on a journey of discovery in converting to organic agriculture. The company started with the Riva Moretta vineyard in the heart of the Prosecco DOCG area.

Today Perlage is recognized worldwide as one of the first Italian Organic Sparkling Wineries, where the Nardi family continues to produce the finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene using both tradition and innovation.

All Perlage products are certified organic. In their own words: “The work of the organic and biodynamic winegrower is to create a relation of collaboration with the living organisms existing in nature and on the vineyard. To manage the complex balance of the vital energies of plants, micro-organisms and insects due to obtain the better grapes in the respect of the environment. A reciprocal “beat” where the organisms listen to themselves and observe, want to take the one upper hand on the other one, but without ever cancel themselves completely. A delicate balance in the respect of the life that the man has the faculty of to direct, without breaking, to collect the fruits for the actual maintenance. This way itself preserve the integrity of the ecosystem and its extraordinary life force.”

The organic cultivation promoted by Perlage allows the limitation of the chemical treatments harmful for the plant in primis, but above all for the land, the air and the water. “The elements that surround the hill should be safeguarded because they are integral part of a territory remained untouched for millenniums and that allows the well-being and the health of its citizens.”

Perlage techniques in their vineyards:

  • No use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • Use of only natural products
  • Increase of organic matter in soil
  • Reduction of Co2
  • The permanent grass cover of the soil that can be adapted to different climatic conditions, the needs of the vines, such as the erosion containment and the protection of the soil fertility
  • The reduction on copper use in vineyards because it restricts the development of useful micro-organisms
  • The installation of some weather station-climate on the vineyard, that controls the existence and development of diseases and activates the treatment only when necessary
  • Demeter certification for the biodynamic cultivation methods
  • Use of useful organism, such as biodynamic agriculture teaches, to increase the resistance of the plant to the disease

Perlage techniques in their winery/cellar:

  • Reduction of sulfites and alternatives to their use
  • Guarantee of zero residue on wines
  • New low-impact offices
  • Iso 9001-2015, BRC, IFS, UE certified organic
  • Solar panels to produce hot water

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